CBK Relay

The CBK Relay is a public service that helps you interface with various AI models and APIs. It's designed to be conversational, easy to use, and free. The Relay uses ChatBotKit powerful conversational AI technology to create a common interface for all the AI models and APIs no matter where they are hosted or how they are implemented.

Why Use The Relay

All AI models and APIs have different interfaces and require different payloads. The Relay helps you standardize the interface and payload as well as handle quirks and edge cases. While you can also achieve the same by writing your own code, keeping up with the changes in the AI space can be time-consuming and error-prone. Besides, most AI inference APIs are poorly documented and have a steep learning curve.

Since we at ChatBotKit specialize in conversational AI technology, we can help you keep up with the changes and make sure your integration is always running no matter what changes the AI model providers make.

Simply put - we'll handle the hard stuff so you can focus on building great conversational AI experiences.

Who is This For

The most suitable use case for the Relay is when you are building prototypes, experiments, MVPs and other small projects. That being said, the Relay can scale to handle large projects as well. We just do not recommend it at this stage. If you are looking for a scaleable solution, we recommend using ChatBotKit directly.

How To Use It

The relay is compatible with ChatBotKit Conversation Complete API. You simply need to send POST requests to https://relay.cbk.ai/api/v1/conversation/complete with the right payload. For more information on how to use the Conversation Complete API, please refer to the ChatBotKit API Reference.

The Relay API is compatible with ChatBotKit SDK, which provieds an extremely lightweight and easy-to-use interface for the API.

You will need to authenticate your model requests with your own API key. Each provider will have their own way of generating a key and assigning quotas. Please consult with their documentation for more information.

Here are a few examples how to provide your own key in the models configuration:

Provider NameModel Configuration

You can pass additional parameters to the model configuration as normal. Please refer to the ChatBotKit API Reference for more information.

Security and Privacy

The Relay is designed to be secure and private. We do not store any data that is sent to the Relay. We also do not store any data that is sent to the AI models. The Relay simply forwards the request to the AI model and returns the response. Your data is not used for service improvements.

Your data is anonmous in a sense that it is not tied to any user. Authentication information such as your API keys are not logged anywhere. If your call fails we wont be able to help you debug it because we do not have the means to see what you sent. We might be able to hepl you understand the error messages.

Where to Get Help and Support

Please join our Discord Server for support and community access.